CSS en su exterior es muy bonito e interesante, pero podemos expresarlo también metafóricamente. En esta entrada publicaremos varias formas de definir CSS mediante una metáfora. En los comentarios la gente puede escribir sus metáforas y las añadiremos en la entrada.

Empezemos (la mayoría están en inglés así que deberéis tener un ligero dominio del idioma para entender las citas:

@Pedro – CSSBlog.es

“CSS es como el chocolate de un huevo Kinder, le da el gusto. La sorpresa es el contenido.”


“CSS es como las matemáticas. Modelan todo lo que podemos ver”


CSS is like a girlfriend. No matter how hard you try, she will always interpret it a different way.


CSS is like marching orders for pixels.


CSS is like religion; People quickly become fundamentalists.

Traducida al español: CSS es como algunas religiones. La gente se vuelve fundamentalista con mucha rapidez.


CSS is like doing puzzles all day and getting paid for it.


CSS is like a pencil to paper; I get any result I want!


CSS is like a river, it is always flowing and you have to go with the current not against it.


CSS is like clothes for your HTML.


CSS is like an STD; it’s unpleasant and you’re stuck with it.


CSS is like giving your girlfriend sexy lingerie. She’s already formed well, but you like when she dresses up.


CSS is like pants. You don’t have to use it. But you look silly without it.


CSS is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get.


CSS is like an old man that doesn’t know what he’s doing or where he is.

Bobby Phillipps:

CSS is like a Rubik’s cube. Sometimes you’ll line one part up, but that completely screws up something else you had lined up.

Fede Isas:

CSS is like an old Beatles’s song. Simple, but still beautiful.

CSS es como una canción de los Beatles. Simple y bella.

Mike Rogers:

CSS is like an old man’s wiener, some times it just doesn’t work the way it’s suppose to.

CSS is like chess. You can learn the basics in a day and spend a lifetime mastering it.

Traducida al español: CSS es como el ajedrez. Lo elemental se aprende en un día y se puede pasar el resto de la vida tratando de dominarlo.


“CSS is like clothes for your BODY”

“CSS is like a boat, it floats.”


“CSS is like having bi-polar disorder. You feel on top of the world until you check your design in .”


“CSS is like a sculptor’s tools to be used on the clay that is markup.”


CSS does for HTML what botox did for Demi Moore

Jon Schleuss

CSS is like sex. Sometimes it’s euphoric, and sometimes the positioning is awkward.


“CSS for me it’s not a Counter Strike Source”

Tim C.

1.#CSS is .like { fun: 60%; creativity: 80%; pain:15%; }

2.* html #CSS is .like { fun: 0%; creativity: 0%; pain:100%; }

Ockham design

“CSS is like a vegetarian vampire. It’ deosn’t suck but it certainly won’t go into the box just because you tell it to.”


“CSS is like death metal, impossible to understand but for some reason alot of people seem to like it”


CSS is like a fine woman… it has class, style, and all the right attributes!

Ben Stock

CSS is that person that always tries to make the rules, that in the end, nobody ends up following.

Basic Sharp

CSS is like a mask for the ugly plain HTML pages.

Been G.

CSS is like being a magician, always trying to learn that new, sweet trick.

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